A BIG WELCOME to constructionprolancer.com, the only dedicated freelancer work platform for curated construction professionals. We  are not any market place but a skill development as well as exchange center.

Whether you are a business owner or a seasoned professional in areas of Architcure/Engineering/Construction, you are at the right page. We connect WORK with TALENT creating a win-win situation. If you are a  business  owner and  need an expert prefessional support Architecture/Engineering/Construction service sector, the first constraint is to have huge manpower on board. But if you have unpredicted workload, it makes business sence to depend on external help than gping through the hiring process and spending extra hours.Construction related work loads are like a sine wave, and need the best hands to depend during those work over flow conditions. Our motto is to enable you to BID MORE-WIN MORE and PROFIT MORE.  Whether  it is to submit bids, Finsh you takeoffs, Create estimates, Compile bid documents, prepare shop drawings/preconstruction/post construction  project designs  and documents or even Project Coordination. 

CONSTRUCTIONPROLANCER.COM is one stop for all your needs.

On ther other hand if you are a professional,  possessing  enviable compertencies and indespensable industry expertise and feel your skills and energy or underutilised, its time to get into the  global prolancer work market. Also you are keen to save on commuting and spend extra time for yourself, work from home then this is the ideal platform. With lot of resources and support to enhance your skills you can pursue your career without bounds. As we define  Prolancer, is a professional accessible as wells as provide professional service on Flexible terms. We do have and continue to build talent in areas of Quantity Take-off, Estimation, Project Scheduling, Admin support, Engineering desingn and Drafting, Project coordination, Claims and Construction Legal support.

CONSTRUCTIONPROLANCER.COM  is envsioned to connect this workmarket and prolancer talent pool to benfit business and professional in ARCHITECHTURE / ENGINEERING / CONSTRUCTION  industry.

With competetive markets, and pressure  to have effecient business operations you need change the you manage your talent resources and CONSTRUCTIONPROLANCER.COM is the best tool to achieve this.

This market skill exchange is created, managed and supported by V-PLAN INC, a Canadian engineering service provider for A/E/C sectors is backed by more than two decades of construction industy expertise across full specttrum of functional areas. All the projects and deliverables will be reviewed and assistance will be provided on both sides ( Client and Prolancer ). With more than 20 years of industry experience you can expect the best service to meet your busines goals. For further insight into V-PLAN INC. please visit www.v-plan.ca

Our goal is to be the life line for  small and medium construction business  and to be an indespensable source of  talent for large construction businesses. 

How it works